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Safety is our #1 Priority for both Staff and Customers

All Patrons including Babies in arms must have the required tickets.

Please secure all loose articles when riding!! Stopping a ride to find your lost phone or keys causes an inconvenience to other patrons.
Safety Standards
Safety Precautions
Child Safety
Height Safety
Abion Amusements requires all ride Employees to fill out a daily log for each ride before opening each day.
All problems are reported right away to management. Employees are given training on each ride. Each ride is inspected in the spring of each year by Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)
All our rides are inspected in the spring, including X-raying all metal parts, for tiny cracks, chips or weakening points.
Parents should:

Know your child's capabillies and limitations with regard to whether the ride is appropriate for your child.

Watch the ride in operation before entering to make sure your child can ride it safely.

Remind your child to stay seated, hold on to the safety bars and obey the ride operator's instructions.

Designate an easily recognizable place to meet after the ride is over.

Supervise your child at all times.
All our rides are fitted with signs that list the Height requirements for that particular ride.

Please respect the ride operator's decision on weather your child is tall enough to ride.

Smaller children may be accompanied by a paying Adult.
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