About Us

John Robertson Sr., has been in the Outdoor Amusement business for over 50 years, operating various types of equipment. It all started when he was working with his father Jack and this eventually lead him to go on his own. John's experiences in the Iron working business allowed him the ability to build his first ride. In years to follow, John continued to expand his line-up of rides. John's dedication to his business and work habits is the reason Albion Amusements enjoys the success they have today. Albion Amusements has been located in Markdale, Ontario, for the past 30 years.
This is where we carry out the on going maintenance and refurbishing of our equipment. Our shop is certified by the Ontario Government to work on our own vehicles.
Description of Operation
Albion Amusements has a wide assortment of rides and concessions. We presently own over 20 rides and it has been our goal to acquire at least one new ride per year.

Albion Amusements does not close until all areas are clean. Garbage is bagged and left for pickup. Keeping the midway clean at all times is one of our main priorities. Last sweep is always done before we leave to make sure everything is clean.
Midway Personnal
We Stress that our staff look professional at all times. Our employees are required to wear Uniforms while working. It is also our policy that hair must be neat.

Our company supplies bunkhouses for all staff with shower facilities. We also provide portable toilets at each event for our staff.
All employees are require to wear a photo ID badge.
Albion Amusements Ltd Box 530 Markdale Ontario N0C 1H0